How ti use hair clippers

How to Use Hair Clippers Correctly

Using hair clippers to cut your own hair is an excellent way to save a lot of money. You no longer have to deal with paying someone else to cut your hair, nor do you have to deal with traveling to a location and sitting there, waiting for your turn to get your hair cut. You can simply do it when you are ready from the comfort of your own home. However, it is important to do it properly or you may not be pleased with the results. Fortunately, learning how to use hair clippers properly is very easy.

hair clippersThe first thing you want to do is make sure that you choose equipment that is of good quality. You can find good quality professional hair clippers without spending a fortune in the process. Once you have them and you are ready to cut your hair, choose the guard that will give you the desired hair length. Generally speaking, these guards are numbered and the larger the number, the longer your hair will be when you are finished. An eight will leave approximately one inch of hair after you have finished. Conversely, anything less than a five will generally shave your hair all the way to the scalp.

After you have chosen the preferred guard, place it onto the clippers and then hold the clippers so that the blades are pointed down toward the floor. Run the clippers slowly through your hair from the tip to the root and make sure that your hair is completely dry. After you have finished, remove the guard, hold the clippers so that the blades are pointing up toward the ceiling and make neat edges around the neck and the ears if you prefer. Go slowly, especially the first couple of times that you do it until you are sure that you have the hang of it. You can then cut your hair and get the desired look any time that you choose. Style with your chosen hair products afterwards.


Malta Travel Fashion – How to Look Fabulous While on the Go

You are excited to land your feet in the Maltese archipelago of Malta. You have heard so much about the island being the Queen of the Mediterranean. You have also known that Malta has 320 monuments that are concentrated on less than fifty-five hectares making it one of the crowded tourist spots in the world. Because of this, you can think of yourself bumping shoulder to shoulder with many tourists in the island. But you want to maintain your fashion and style while in the middle of the crowd.

Regardless of your travel mode, making sure that you look your best begins long before your departure. In order to prepare like a pro, you can strategically pick particular luggage pieces, skin and hair products as well as clothing items. Don’t get overwhelmed as the following tips will help you stay fabulous while you are on your malta holidays.
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How to Pick Your Preferred Celebrity Style

Which means you fancy Jennifer Aniston and wish to seem like her? You enter your hair salon and check out the same hair color that they has and enjoy exactly the same cut that they sports. The finish result, however, works out to become disappointing. Forget Jennifer Aniston, you don’t even seem like her distant poor cousin. Are you currently depressed on the similar type of incident? Would you like to understand what celebrity hair do will fit you probably the most?

At this time, the in factor is Sedu. However, don’t blindly jump into obtaining a Sedu hair do. Talk to your hairstylist if this sounds like the solution you’re looking for. For those who have naturally frizzy hair, Sedu for you will possibly not be advisable. Admiring a high profile on her lustrous tresses or her sleek hair do is excellent, but knowing whether this style will fit you is essential. Continue reading


Travel In Style with a Great Pair of Boots

Boots are fashionable yet comfortable and suit various occasions and needs. Many prefer boots for travelling. Women love the tall brown or black boots with high heels, but the medium and flat ones are great for travel where long distance walking is involved. While heeled boots can convert you into an elegant and classy queen, the flat ones give you footwear freedom for the key essentials.

With the range available today you don’t have to really compromise on style and comfort when you plan to carry one for your holiday. The convenience, the effortless style statement it makes, the durability, the protection and support it gives makes them the best option.

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Hoodies – Your Best Friend During the Winter Season!

Hoodies are the most fashionable clothing option for men and women alike, especially when the winter approaches. They never tend to lose their charm. Hoodies have changed the perception of the people who thought that they are not good clothing as they are a fashionable clothing choice only during the winters. They are a type of sweatshirt, which also has a hood attached to it. Hoodies also come in different styles to suit different personalities, and they’ve become an evergreen choice in modern times. So this winter while you warm up with a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop make sure you have on one of these different types of hoodies to help you keep warm as well. Continue reading


Choosing The Best Sports Clothes

If you’re certainly one of individuals those who are trying to locate appropriate sports apparel you will subsequently be thrilled to find lots of sports providers that offer you anything you want at an affordable cost. The most crucial factor, nonetheless, is to buy the garments that can make you feel relaxed when you exercise. Only then are you going to obtain the finest comfort and fulfillment.

You’ll be able to get sports clothes in a variety of dimensions and colours. Nonetheless, there’s one factor you have to remember – you have to look chic but more essential would be to feel comfortable when carrying out exercises. The sportswear you choose ought to be loose enough to let you move freely while carrying out exercises. Lots of people choose their sports clothes in line with the color that they like most. However, this can be a huge mistake. The most crucial take into account identifying which item of clothing to acquire may be the fabric the item consists of. Continue reading


Add Style to your Home

Many top stylists nowadays their very own ranges of designer home add-ons and canopy every aspect of the house from chic unusual objects to functional everyday home appliances therefore which makes it possible to produce a home filled with individual pieces. It’s interesting to notice the traditional producers, although still delivering to some thriving market, have been in serious competition with names synonymous to fashion design.
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Yes You’ll have a Celebrity Style Destination Wedding

Yes, you have often seen it within the fashionable magazines. Your favourite cleaning soap opera star, film star or T.V. personality getting married in certain exotic Caribbean location and selling playboy privileges and photographs to have an enormous fee. The wedding is going to be planned and just how you would like to have the ability to celebrate valentine’s day inside your existence just like the star has been doing. Even when it was with no fee. Continue reading