How ti use hair clippers

How to Use Hair Clippers Correctly

Using hair clippers to cut your own hair is an excellent way to save a lot of money. You no longer have to deal with paying someone else to cut your hair, nor do you have to deal with traveling to a location and sitting there, waiting for your turn at the barber shop. You can simply do it when you are ready from the comfort of your own home. However, it is important to do it properly or you may not be pleased with the results. Fortunately, learning how to use hair clippers properly is very easy.

hair clippersThe first thing you want to do is make sure that you choose equipment that is of good quality. You can find good quality professional hair clippers without spending a fortune in the process. Once you have them and you are ready to cut your hair, choose the guard that will give you the desired hair length. Generally speaking, these guards are numbered and the larger the number, the longer your hair will be when you are finished. An eight will leave approximately one inch of hair after you have finished. Conversely, anything less than a five will generally shave your hair all the way to the scalp.

After you have chosen the preferred guard, place it onto the clippers and then hold the clippers so that the blades are pointed down toward the floor. Run the clippers slowly through your hair from the tip to the root and make sure that your hair is completely dry. After you have finished, remove the guard, hold the clippers so that the blades are pointing up toward the ceiling and make neat edges around the neck and the ears if you prefer. Go slowly, especially the first couple of times that you do it until you are sure that you have the hang of it. You can then cut your hair and get the desired look any time that you choose. Style with your chosen hair products afterwards.